What Type of Modern Shower Stool Should You Look For?

Modern shower chairs are assistive bathing devices. The very design these product offerings come with helps ensure the safety and comfort of the user. These people usually have difficulty standing or are challenged to a certain degree to keep themselves still while showering. 

elderly person

If you happen to have a health condition that affects your lower body strength or puts your overall agility into compromise, it might get in your way of doing simple tasks like taking a shower. 

A modern shower stool may help here and provide the necessary additional stability. Thus, allowing them to enjoy taking a shower independently and completely take away the need for external assistance of any kind. 

Shower stools or shower seats may come in many different styles, depending on the amount of support provided. Options vary from freestanding stools or chairs built specifically for shower use down to wall-mounted benches or chairs. 

When Should You Consider Using a Shower Stool?

It does not necessarily follow that the infirmed or the senile community has the monopoly of the use of modern shower seats. These assistive bathing devices are manufactured not just for their exclusive use alone, but for anyone who may have a dire need for assistive bathing devices. 

Therefore, if you are someone who feels a little uneasy showering on your own, for whatever reason it may be, and think you’d benefit from some extra help while standing in the tub, an ergonomically designed shower seat may be taken advantage of instead.  

For individuals who are suffering from leg or back pain, a shower seat will help them sit and wash, sans putting on pressure on their legs or back. 


Classification of Shower Seats

Free Standing Type

Shower stools of this type are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport. In addition, this ease of mobility makes for easy storage, too, whenever they are not in use.

Choose to have this type of shower stool only under the following scenarios:

  • You require or need limited assistance support in the shower. 
  • You have no trouble sitting or rising from a seated position.
  • You have no problems with your equilibrium or no chronic issues with dizziness.

Free Standing Shower Chair

A modern shower stool of this type is lightweight. They also come with a backrest and ergonomically designed supportive armrests.

It is best to look for this type of shower chair if:

  • You have limited mobility and need a good amount of support/assistance whilst in the shower.
  • When you sit or stand, you need to access armrests for added support.
  • You need to hang on to an armrest whilst washing your feet or body. 
  • You easily get tired and need immediate short rest.

Wall Mounted Shower Seat

This sort of shower seat is mounted to a shower wall, and some designs you may come across can be folded up against it. Wall-mounted shower seats can come with or without supporting legs. Such additional leg support adds up to the level of security that users feel when they are using this type of assistive bathing device. 

You should consider using this type of shower chair under the following conditions:

  • Your shower stall or wet room has a limited amount of space.  
  • Your bathroom is not for your exclusive use but may be shared with other members of your household.  

Taking measurements

Of paramount importance when using a modern shower stool is that it should be at the correct height. 

The cardinal rule here is, when standing up, you need to measure yourself up from the back of your heel on the floor down to that crease that is right behind your knee. By this, you are assured to have the proper seat height.

Remember that you always need to have enough space to move and make yourself sit comfortably, with your knees nestled at a 90-degree angle or position with your feet laid flat on the floor.