What Are Moulded Showers All About?

From the construction point of view, building a tiled shower from scratch is much more painstaking than moulded shower. Otherwise known as prefabricated shower stalls, they are often created/made off-site at a dedicated production facility. The assembly process of which is left to be done at your home.  

Custom building your tiled shower stall may take significant amounts of time to complete, from several days to a couple of weeks at the most. However, prefabricated shower stalls are much more advantageous to install in the sense that they can be done and will be fully set up within a few hours only. 


Interlocking Multi-Piece Units (DIY Friendly Option)

The multi-piece prefabricated shower stall is by far the easiest and the most sought-after type of moulded shower. This usually comes in several components that are either made from solid surfaces or acrylic. They interlock together to form a cohesive unit. 

Normally this package comes with a bathtub or a shower pan, a large back piece, 2 separate side pieces, and front doors (optional). Alternatively, you can opt to have the front left as is (open-type). A suitable shower curtain can be used as its covering instead.  

All Kit Only 

With the exception of the tub or the shower pan, everything that we have indicated above comes with wall kits.  

The key selling point for this type is that both the soap dishes and ledges are molded already, straight into the plastic. Therefore, eliminating the need to add these accessories. 

 Now, as for the back panel, it is also one single panel that offers no room for any kind of adjustment.   

Professional Installation Single Piece Unit

minimal bathroomPrefabricated showers that come as a single-piece unit are usually much more challenging to transport and install. This moulded shower’s main body is a single, molded piece.

Single-piece units are more advantageous in the sense that they offer only a limited amount of space where mold and mildew could grow on. Structurally, single-piece shower molds are often structurally more solid. Thus, they are often more durable and longer-lasting. 

You might chance upon some so-called single-piece units. However, they are not genuinely single-piece because their door comes as a separate unit. The reality of it is that these seemingly single-piece units are separate pieces. They have been expertly welded together back in a dedicated manufacturing facility.  


In the last 2 decades, people often looked at prefabricated moulded shower systems as a tacky alternative to the traditional approach of tiling a bath shower. 

But with the improvement of molding techniques and the advent of enhanced materials, leading brands in the prefabricated systems are slowly gaining their reach into higher-end homes. 

If you are a homemaker yourself, try to think out first the merits of prefabricated shower systems against tiled shower rooms.  


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