How to Keep the Water in Your Swim Spa with Swim Spa Australia in Balance?

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If you seriously want to extend the usable/functional life and appearance of your hot tub, the most important thing you must do is keep the pool water chemistry in good balance all the time. Why so? There is a good reason behind this. 

But before anything else, keep this in mind. Every single time you go into your equipment with a swim spa australia to unwind and relax, you are changing your pool equipment water-particularly its chemical balance. This is likely to set the stage for bacteria to develop, and when that happens it can affect your overall comfort.

Check the pH levels in the first step.

The most crucial part of balanced pool water chemistry in a hot tub is the pH. You can rebalance your water and save your hot tub from being ruined by calculating the pH.

Both high and low pH can have a damaging effect on your swim spa’s heating elements and even on the other internal workings of gas-fired heaters. Take a look at a few of the examples below.

High pH 

  • Enhances bacterial growth.
  • Resulting in cloudy water.
  • It reduces the effectiveness of your pool water filters.
  • Eye and skin irritation. 

Low pH

  •  Promotes bacterial growth
  • Promotes metal corrosion.
  • Irritates the eyes and skin
  • The plaster components get stained or etched.

You may use a simple and inexpensive pH test kit to determine the acidity or alkalinity of your hot tub’s water to ensure that it remains at a safe and stable pH range. At least twice a week, we suggest that you use test strips. You can also try to have a digital water tester to monitor your swim spa pH level. 

Take Care of Your Pool Water Alkalinity

Maintaining a pool water pH level balanced necessitates a high level of total alkalinity. Total alkalinity and pH are different from each other. They’re not one and the same thing.

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When measuring pH, it’s similar to taking a temperature with a thermometer. You can use it to determine if the water is too cold or too hot, much like a thermometer. When it comes to alkalinity and the thermometer, alkalinity relates to the capability to monitor and keep an eye on the temperature.

If the alkalinity is too low, it can pave the way for pH readings to fluctuate radically and this will work against your hot tub and keep it from stabilizing the water in the event of acid rain. This also explains the reason why hot tubs erode and encourage the growth of algae.

In order to keep such kinds of issues from taking place, alkalinity should be kept between 80 and 120 parts per million.

Managing Water Hardness

The amount of calcium in a swimming spa with Australian spa parts is also related to water hardness. Cloudy or foggy water is set to happen if the amount of calcium in your swimming spa pool water is way too high. Too little is also bad because it runs the risk of foam forming on the water surface.

Besides, it can also observe the formation of foam on the water’s surface or the eroding of metals.

There is a manifold of commercially available products that will help you maintain your pool water hardness to ideal levels. These over-the-counter items can help enhance the amount of calcium in your water to preserve or maintain its hardness. 

If your swim spa pool comes with an acrylic finish, calcium levels need to go anywhere between 100 and 250 ppm; if it comes with a plaster finish instead, calcium levels can go anywhere between 250 and 450 ppm.



How to Clean Your Swim Spa According to a Spa Shop in Sydney

If you want to see what is in store for you with every outdoor water entertainment feature, try to pay a visit to at least one spa shop Sydney. People here will enthusiastically help you see why having this kind of outdoor water feature is a must for every home.

If you are a fitness-minded person, and you understand the various health-promoting benefits of swimming, you will see why it is a must that you own  a swim spa. The thing is, many people are having second-thoughts about it because they are under the impression that maintaining such a piece of equipment in your outdoor living space entails a herculean cleaning task.

The looming question that people have in mind when contemplating to acquire an outdoor swim spa, as per every spa shop Sydney, how much work does one need to put up just to keep it well-maintained?

Truth be told, but the market today is offering us a sundry of swim spa models and makes. With this immense amount of available choices for us, their required maintenance routines would vary considerably.

Therefore, if you are planning to acquire your own swim spa anytime soon, make it sure that you do some research first. Inquire from your prospective hot tub dealer everything there is to know about it. If, for curiosity sake, probe also about any on-going cleaning task you may need to know about. I am certain there are some.

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Is It Worth Investing in a Swim Spa?

Every well-known spa shop in Sydney will tell you that if you have a swim spa installed in your outdoor spaces, you have the best of both worlds. So far, it is  the most relaxing way to stay in shape. At the same time, it lets you unwind and chill. It is the perfect way to relax and soothe your stress away.

Most people nowadays shy away from considering traditional pool. Simply because most of them don’t have the luxury of space in their property. It is such a relief to know that a swim spa is the most practical solution  they have.

Is It Hard to Maintain a Swim Spa?

Compared to traditional swimming pools, maintaining  a swim spa is a breeze. Considering their sheer size, they are much smaller and thus have smaller area to clean. In addition to that, hard or tough cleaning is not necessary and will not require the use of harsh chemicals.

The most recent models of outdoor swim spas are designed in such a way that they will require minimal amount of cleaning only. You may want to look for models that are equipped with strong and powerful pumps. Such features enable the swim spa to filter huge amounts of gallons of water every hour. This means to say that it completely filters the water used in your hot tub several times every day.

A swim spa is also equipped with a pre-filter unit together with high flow skimmers. This features also significantly helps in automating the water cleaning process. How the skimmer works? It removes foreign matter or debris, by this measure your swim spa’s pump and heater will not get clogged. Collected debris and other foreign matter in your water will be pushed towards the pre-filter and will then get removed.

If your main goal is to find something that will require you the least amount of cleaning effort, choose a swim spa model that comes with an automatic floor vacuum.It will not only take away the need for you to vacuum clean the swim spa floor routinely, it also guarantees that no amount of grime, dirt, or grit will come in contact with your swim spa. Making ready for use all the time, every time.

Depending on the model and the make of the swim spa unit that you want to have, it could necessitate you to have daily, weekly or even monthly maintenance and cleaning requirements. 

Below are some good recommendations you may want to follow:


● Ensure that you maintain the recommended proper water level for your swim spa.  


  •  Check the chemical dispenser 
  •  Take out  and clean the skimmer basket 
  •  Measure your pool’s alkalinity and pH levels. 
  •  Clean the controls which are normally made from stainless steel.


Take out the filter cartridge and allow it to soak in a cleaning solution. Rinse thoroughly and then let it dry completely before you return it back in. We highly recommend that you have a spare filter which you can install right away while you are cleaning the other. This way, you can still use your swim spa while still cleaning the original filter

Finally, you must also keep in mind that you need to drain your swim spa to a 50% water level every 3 months. This will allow you to clean up the acrylic shell with the use of a non-abrasive cleaner. Normally, your swim

In addition, every three months, your swim spa should be drained to a 50% water level and the acrylic shell cleaned with a special non-abrasive cleaner that your hot tub dealer will recommend. Personally, I get mine from various spa supplies near me.

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