Non Slip Shower Tiles: A Must if You Have Kids

Non slip shower tiles for the bathroom floor is very important as it ensures the safety of the kids and elderly at home. The bathroom is allegedly the most accident-prone location in the house. This is due to the damp floors that make them slippery. Though efforts must always be taken to maintain a bathroom floor completely clean and dry, in many probabilities it is damp. Bathroom flooring is done by installing of vitrified, marble, terrazzo, granite, and ceramic tiles that all become slippery when damp. Non-slip bathroom flooring is readily attained by using a tile coating of utilizing non-slip mats.

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Ensure Bathroom Safety with Non Slip Shower Tiles

Using rubberized mats for non-slip bathroom floors is done very easily. These mats are to be positioned in strategic areas like within and outside the bathtub, near the bathroom area, and near the clothes basin. A benefit of using mats is that they are durable and cost-effective. Mats might be of various shades and you can select a certain color matching the interiors of the bathroom of yours. A non-slip floor mat raises friction between the feet of yours and the floor surface, therefore, preventing falls and slippage. These mats are successful in stopping accidents from falling on damp surfaces.

An additional advantage these mats have is that these may be utilized inside bathtubs. Slippage in the water tub is a very common crash and the use of mats might stop these. As rubber mats aren’t weathered by water these might be used properly in the bathroom for a handful of years.

Using Chemical Coating for Non-slip bathroom flooring

Non-slip bathroom flooring is successfully accomplished by utilizing anti-slip floor therapies. These basically are chemical substances which when used on floors increase the coefficient of friction between surfaces stopping slipping. These substances are appropriate for all sorts of surfaces and are colorless in appearance. After the application of non-slip floor covering takes five minutes to dry out and lasts for a handful of months. A second jacket will assist the covering to last longer.

For just about all practical purposes two covering of anti-slip flooring substance is appealing for toilets as water may be caustic over extended periods. As anti-slip bathroom flooring chemical is waterproof this might be successfully used also for covering bathtubs. It’s recommended that bathtubs be additionally coated with anti-slip chemical substances.

Non-slip chemicals, apart type being non-reactive to water, is fire resistant and odorless. Though this has the consistency of enamel paint it’s free from any the strong smell, which may be unsafe for asthma patients.

Non-slip floor chemical substances are readily accessible and might also be purchased online. Though it’s possible to use this substance on your own it’s recommended that at first expert help be taken. There are many agencies that take up tasks in creating non-slip bathroom floorings.

It is very unfortunate that in today’s time we have so many options to choose from when it comes to bathroom floors. The best part is, there are choices that can guarantee not just the aesthetics but even the safety of the bathroom.


Making the Right Choice with Bathroom Non Slip Tiles

You need to always make certain you are thinking about installing anti-slip tiles for your bathroom. This is the very best way to make sure that the whole room is good and that nobody will fall while they are in the place. Below are some of the best reasons that these non slip tiles are the greatest thing to be installed in the bathroom without compromising your layout flow or scheme.

Best Benefits of Installing Non Slip Tiles

There are regularly going to be stuff that you will have to think about with regards to your bathroom floor flooring India as well as the choice which you’re choosing. You can choose an option which would not let anyone fall while they’re in there and its many advantages, such as:

Safe for places that are damp

When you put in the anti-slip flooring tiles, then you do not have to be concerned about someone falling. Since this is the spot where nearly all the water is used it’s susceptible to more accidents, however when anti-slip tiles can make a great difference.

Easy to clean

You also do not have to be concerned about shelling out a lot of time cleansing the region since this alternative is also simple when it concerns cleaning. You would simply have to draw some warm water and blend in the proper cleaning agent and run it down. You can utilize a washcloth or perhaps a mop to cleanse the area as needed.

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Practical for busy homes

If your house is busy, then this is the proper choice for the needs of yours. You can make use of this in every one of the rooms in the home of yours which see a great deal of water use such as the cooking area, wet suits, and other things. They are going to help to keep everyone secure and they’re going to be simple to wipe down if there’s a mess.

Do not interfere with the style scheme

One more thing you will wish to consider with regards to the bathroom floor tiles you’re planning to choose for your house is the fact that they do not hinder the design scheme of yours. You can discover the proper choice which would work with your present look without sacrificing anything.

Go on and ensure you’re conscious of the advantages that you can get when you have these installed throughout the home of yours, but particularly in the washroom.

You will find many choices that you will have to consider when you are looking at bathroom floor tiles which means you also must understand the advantages. These’re good for areas where a great deal of water is used, and a large number of folks fall as the washroom. They’re also going to be simple to clean and they’re perfect for homes that are hectic and with children who frequently make messes. You can also discover the proper style that is going to work with the current scheme of yours, so you do not need to sacrifice to look for practicality.

Anti Slip Tiles: Selecting the Correct Type

Deciding on the proper tiles for the new home of yours may at times be demanding. Mostly because the majority of individuals believe tiles are costly and installing them to a brand-new house is a choice that would stick with you for good.

There are many diverse classifications of flooring. The kinds of anti slip tiles offered in the marketplace are homogeneous flooring, complete body porcelain floor tiles, fifty percent entire body homogeneous tiles, ceramic wall flooring, and glazed porcelain tiles.

Anti Slip Tiles: Buying the Right Type

1. Homogeneous Tiles

These tiles are a kind of unglazed type of porcelain floor tile. Consumers have a great myth of what homogeneous tiles really are. A lot of people might believe the homogeneous types of tiles are wanted by them, but small will they understand the homogeneous types of tiles are hardly created in this specific day and years, and then Homogeneous types of tiles are really what they don’t expect at all.

2. Colored Body Porcelain Tiles

These are probably the most known tiles all over the world nowadays. As the title indicates, these also are additionally a kind of porcelain tiles.

They have similar qualities to Homogeneous types, aside from the reality that the complete structure of content throughout the entire body of floor tile isn’t consistent – just the color is.

3. Half-Body Homogeneous Tiles

These are common in Chinese companies. This kind was created to spare on the substance used to create a Homogeneous type of tile. It indicates that the tile just has a regular structure of content from the specific surface area until the mid-section of the tile. A generic porcelain frame that could differ in color from its area is used by the rest of a tile.

4. Glazed Porcelain Tiles

These are incredibly well known all over the world. One can feel the high-performance qualities of porcelain and its very affordable rates.

It has a surface level known as the glaze which is going to provide the tile of yours with its design or pattern. This glaze is attached to a porcelain physique.

5. Ceramic Tiles

These are intended for wearing on walls just. They are made up of a glaze that is fused to the ceramic body. Take note that the entire body is made from ceramic. Unlike porcelain, ceramic is a lot porous with an h2o absorption speed of up to six percent.

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Anti-Slip Ratings as well as Scratch-Resistance of Tiles

Now you know the kind of tiles on the marketplace, you are going to realize that you could use porcelain tile for the walls and floors. We’ll now go through quickly the various kinds of exteriors that a floor tile is able to have.

Matte R9:

R9 rating implies that it is matte and suitable and smooth for dry areas. These tiles are generally resistant to scratch and very simple to keep or even clean because of its surface.

Matte R10:

R10 rated is probably the most sought-after floor tiles. The rating suggests that it is smooth and matte, but, has anti-slip properties when contaminated with water or oil. This will make such tiles ideal for the toilets of yours. Being easy and anti-slip to cleanse and rarely will go together.

Rough R11:

An R11 surface- generally rough and prickly. They’re ideal for ramps and damp areas, even if subjected to rain. It will be desirable for the swimming pool of yours, balcony, automobile porch, or maybe shower floors.

Anti Slip Tiles: Worthy Investment for the Home

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Wherever you are, whether you just stay at home or go somewhere else, you can never deny that the flooring of that place has a great impact. Flooring does not only make the space more beautiful, but more importantly, it helps increase safety for everyone. In this case, anti slip tiles can offer not just aesthetic value, but as well as practical benefits that will be helpful both short term and long term.

Slip and fall accidents always happen, commonly at home and causes serious injuries, especially when there are old people and kids around. Therefore, it is important to install non slip tiles to make the space safer for everyone. Here are some of the practical benefits that you will get to avail when doing so.

Why Invest in Anti Slip Tiles

Ease of Installation

You can choose from two options when installing a non-slip flooring. You may have it on your new floor or you can also treat your current floor surface. Floorboards tiles, and vinyl are great for new floor. On the other hand, slip-free coats are great for current surfaces to make them slip-resistant. You may choose according to your needs but rest assured that both are easy to do and long lasting.

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Lessen the Risk of Accidents

Many people have experienced to incur some injuries caused by slip and fall accidents. This happened mainly because the floor is wet and slippery. The most important thing is to make sure that it won’t happen again. In this case, if you can’t install non slip tiles on your floor, then be sure to use non slip treatments to lessen the risk of accidents.

Great for Different Work Areas

Anti slip treatments are great and helpful for different work areas. Whether it’s the home, factory floor, entrance, stairs, kitchen, bathroom, car park, and many other places, non-slip tiles and coatings offer the best solutions for different types of floor. In fact, you can have anti-slip stairs for the swimming pool. Non-slip treatments are great for various floors like vinyl, acrylic, metallic, concrete, wood, etc.


If you happen to be working in places like a chemical processing area, there is a very high chance of electrostatic charge. But having an anti slip floor can lessen the risk of explosion. This works by allowing the charge created by the person’s shoe soles to scatter to the electric ground. Also, it helps prevent the transfer of electrostatic charge and create an electrostatic field.

Healthy and Hygienic

The top of the coating is a laminated layer, and this makes the anti-slip floor resistant to stains while being more hygienic than other types of flooring. In case something falls, and it becomes dirty, you just have to wipe it off. One great thing about this laminated layer is that it allows for non-stickiness and non-absorbing on the floor. This is just hygienic and healthy.

Having a beautiful and safe floor is one of the best things you can ever have. Getting all these benefits is possible with non-slip tiles. Click this link to see more benefits of this type of tiles.

Non Slip Flooring: A Must in Your Bathroom

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Remodeling a bathroom is a tricky process. There are so many things to consider and if there is something that should not be forgotten, it would be safe. Of course, the appearance is important, but the bathroom is a part of the house that is always wet, and this means that it is more prone to accidents.

Non slip flooring has become very popular in the last years. Homeowners are aware that the bathroom is where many accidents happen due to accumulated water on the floor that makes the surface slippery. This is a major issue in most homes. So, if you have plans of replacing your bathroom flooring, here are some reasons why you need to make sure that it’s non-slip.

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Make the Smart Choice

When there is a chance to remodel your bathroom, it is important that you consult with professionals that can offer the best ideas to increase your home value. Each material that you choose need to coincide with your home’s aesthetic, including color schemes and design in patterns.

In addition, the materials need to contribute to the functionality of the space. When it’s the bathroom, nothing is more functional or appropriate than a non slip flooring. As there is accumulated water in the bathroom, the danger is very present which can lead to slipping and falling.

What to Consider

Aside from adding value to the home with different materials to choose from, you should also consider the variable below that will greatly contribute to how you should go about when it comes to choosing the best flooring for your bathroom.

People in the House

It is very crucial if you are living with old people or those with disabilities, the more that you need non slip flooring. Aside from this, you may also have additional safety precautions like having grip bars to reduce the risk of slipping and falling in the bathroom.

Have You Had a Bathroom Accident Before?

If you have slipped in the bathroom due to wet flooring, then you may have incurred some injuries. This should be enough for you to realize the importance of having a slip resistance flooring in your bathroom. With this type of flooring, you will feel more relaxed without having to worry about slip and fall accidents.

Material Choice

There is a wide range of options for anti-slip floors in terms of material and design. This means that you will have no difficulty finding one that will match the design of your home. This is also a great way to improve and upgrade your current design.

Other Important Measures

Aside from having a slip-resistant floor, there are other precautionary measures that should not be taken for granted. Knowing and implementing them will help reduce the potential of an accident to happen in the bathroom. For example, your rugs should be placed strategically with enough gripping beneath the shower entrance and sink. Doing this simple act can help people to feel more secure and safer when using the bathroom. Click this link for more bathroom safety precaution measures.