The indomitable commitment of the team behind Holkerhouse will ensure the confidentiality, integrity, accuracy, and security of your Personal Identifiable Information is observed at all times and at all costs. The Privacy Policy we are implementing on the site crafted and structured upon the values identified by the Canadian Standards Association’s Model Code for the Protection of 

Personal Information 

  1. We ensure our clients and interested parties that we are taking full responsibility in maintaining and protecting their personal information, starting from the time that it has been entrusted to us through this site.
  2. Consent. We ensure that you have the knowledge and you are giving us your consent when we collect, use, distribute or disclose any of your personal information, with the exception of those that are required or otherwise permitted by Australian laws.
  3. It is always your decision and your choice to provide us your Personal Information. But contrary to this, denying us relevant information about yourself will render us and our system unable to process your requests with respect to handling your concerns or queries. It will also prevent us from taking a further step with regard to your requested service.
  4. Safeguarding Your Information. Online security safeguards are in place in our system. These security features we have for you will help ensure the security and integrity of your information with respect to the level of sensitivity they come in. All reasonable precautions are in place to protect your personal information and keep the loss or any authorised access, use or disclosure of the same.
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