What Type of Modern Shower Stool Should You Look For?

Modern shower chairs are assistive bathing devices. The very design these product offerings come with helps ensure the safety and comfort of the user. These people usually have difficulty standing or are challenged to a certain degree to keep themselves still while showering. 

elderly person

If you happen to have a health condition that affects your lower body strength or puts your overall agility into compromise, it might get in your way of doing simple tasks like taking a shower. 

A modern shower stool may help here and provide the necessary additional stability. Thus, allowing them to enjoy taking a shower independently and completely take away the need for external assistance of any kind. 

Shower stools or shower seats may come in many different styles, depending on the amount of support provided. Options vary from freestanding stools or chairs built specifically for shower use down to wall-mounted benches or chairs. 

When Should You Consider Using a Shower Stool?

It does not necessarily follow that the infirmed or the senile community has the monopoly of the use of modern shower seats. These assistive bathing devices are manufactured not just for their exclusive use alone, but for anyone who may have a dire need for assistive bathing devices. 

Therefore, if you are someone who feels a little uneasy showering on your own, for whatever reason it may be, and think you’d benefit from some extra help while standing in the tub, an ergonomically designed shower seat may be taken advantage of instead.  

For individuals who are suffering from leg or back pain, a shower seat will help them sit and wash, sans putting on pressure on their legs or back. 


Classification of Shower Seats

Free Standing Type

Shower stools of this type are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport. In addition, this ease of mobility makes for easy storage, too, whenever they are not in use.

Choose to have this type of shower stool only under the following scenarios:

  • You require or need limited assistance support in the shower. 
  • You have no trouble sitting or rising from a seated position.
  • You have no problems with your equilibrium or no chronic issues with dizziness.

Free Standing Shower Chair

A modern shower stool of this type is lightweight. They also come with a backrest and ergonomically designed supportive armrests.

It is best to look for this type of shower chair if:

  • You have limited mobility and need a good amount of support/assistance whilst in the shower.
  • When you sit or stand, you need to access armrests for added support.
  • You need to hang on to an armrest whilst washing your feet or body. 
  • You easily get tired and need immediate short rest.

Wall Mounted Shower Seat

This sort of shower seat is mounted to a shower wall, and some designs you may come across can be folded up against it. Wall-mounted shower seats can come with or without supporting legs. Such additional leg support adds up to the level of security that users feel when they are using this type of assistive bathing device. 

You should consider using this type of shower chair under the following conditions:

  • Your shower stall or wet room has a limited amount of space.  
  • Your bathroom is not for your exclusive use but may be shared with other members of your household.  

Taking measurements

Of paramount importance when using a modern shower stool is that it should be at the correct height. 

The cardinal rule here is, when standing up, you need to measure yourself up from the back of your heel on the floor down to that crease that is right behind your knee. By this, you are assured to have the proper seat height.

Remember that you always need to have enough space to move and make yourself sit comfortably, with your knees nestled at a 90-degree angle or position with your feet laid flat on the floor.


What Are Moulded Showers All About?

From the construction point of view, building a tiled shower from scratch is much more painstaking than moulded shower. Otherwise known as prefabricated shower stalls, they are often created/made off-site at a dedicated production facility. The assembly process of which is left to be done at your home.  

Custom building your tiled shower stall may take significant amounts of time to complete, from several days to a couple of weeks at the most. However, prefabricated shower stalls are much more advantageous to install in the sense that they can be done and will be fully set up within a few hours only. 


Interlocking Multi-Piece Units (DIY Friendly Option)

The multi-piece prefabricated shower stall is by far the easiest and the most sought-after type of moulded shower. This usually comes in several components that are either made from solid surfaces or acrylic. They interlock together to form a cohesive unit. 

Normally this package comes with a bathtub or a shower pan, a large back piece, 2 separate side pieces, and front doors (optional). Alternatively, you can opt to have the front left as is (open-type). A suitable shower curtain can be used as its covering instead.  

All Kit Only 

With the exception of the tub or the shower pan, everything that we have indicated above comes with wall kits.  

The key selling point for this type is that both the soap dishes and ledges are molded already, straight into the plastic. Therefore, eliminating the need to add these accessories. 

 Now, as for the back panel, it is also one single panel that offers no room for any kind of adjustment.   

Professional Installation Single Piece Unit

minimal bathroomPrefabricated showers that come as a single-piece unit are usually much more challenging to transport and install. This moulded shower’s main body is a single, molded piece.

Single-piece units are more advantageous in the sense that they offer only a limited amount of space where mold and mildew could grow on. Structurally, single-piece shower molds are often structurally more solid. Thus, they are often more durable and longer-lasting. 

You might chance upon some so-called single-piece units. However, they are not genuinely single-piece because their door comes as a separate unit. The reality of it is that these seemingly single-piece units are separate pieces. They have been expertly welded together back in a dedicated manufacturing facility.  


In the last 2 decades, people often looked at prefabricated moulded shower systems as a tacky alternative to the traditional approach of tiling a bath shower. 

But with the improvement of molding techniques and the advent of enhanced materials, leading brands in the prefabricated systems are slowly gaining their reach into higher-end homes. 

If you are a homemaker yourself, try to think out first the merits of prefabricated shower systems against tiled shower rooms.  


What Type of Adjustable Bed is Suitable for the Elderly?

hospice bedWhen trying to shop for a standard bed, there are several factors that you will need to take into account which is not the same if you will look for adjustable beds. It becomes even more challenging if you are looking for adjustable types of beds that are intended for use by the elderly since they usually have more sensitive needs

For example, people who are in their senior years require the use of not just a softer bed but something that will easily conform to their curves and will go with every movement of their body. This attribute will help prevent them from having backaches and pains.  

As we get older, our bodies demand more rest and sleep. This is imperative because this is the only way a mature human body can carry out a comprehensive repair work on itself where it is most necessary. 

If there is any place in your house that will best serve as your inner sanctum for rest and rejuvenation, it would be no less than your bedroom. 

Therefore, you must see to it that our bedrooms will provide us a comfy space conducive for resting and sleeping, so you can always come out of it feeling renewed and revitalized, regardless of the time of the day. 

Essential Features of an Adjustable Bed for the Elderly (Long-lasting motor quality)

When trying to shop for an adjustable type of bed, among the critical considerations that must be looked into are the overall quality of the motor and its durability. If you want to verify its level of endurance, the manufacturer’s warranty coverage will give you all that. 

If the product offering comes with optional extended warranties, it only goes to show that it comes with motors that are built-to-last.  

Intuitive hand controls

By checking out the hand controls of your adjustable type of bed, you will have a good idea of how intuitive it is when used by an elderly. If there is a constant need to check out the manual, then chances are high that it is not intuitive enough or not at all very user-friendly. 

If you find it so, then the elderly may have a hard time trying to figure it out on their own. 

Memory Foam Mattress

When trying to shop for the comfiest bed that easily adjusts to the movements, contours, and the curves of the human body, the best option available in the market for this is the memory foam. They are highly reputed because they are highly durable and flexible, hence providing substantial amounts of pressure relief for elderly people while they are fast asleep. 

Service Warranty and Quality

Before placing your purchase, it is wise to check out first what is covered in the manufacturer warranty, which most likely will include essential services and features. They all help in making the most out of your adjustable type of bed. 

Also, know that different periods will cover different types of components. You must be well aware of this. 

All the points enumerated above are just some of the fascinating tips you might want to take into account before placing your purchase order for a brand new adjustable bed. Certainly, the pointers mentioned above will help you get more value for your hard-earned money. 

And if you seriously want to have an informed buying decision first, we suggest that you check out relevant websites about these types of bed systems so you can learn more about it in terms of what caters to the needs of the user.  

What are the Different Types of Mobility Aids Melbourne?

Mobility aids Melbourne products, all these devices, and pieces of equipment are indispensable in the lives of the countless number of people who are afflicted by some kind of injury, temporary or permanent. 

caneBut they are not the only ones who will benefit from it, people with physical disability or infirmity and those who have frail bodies due to old age may require at least one of these types of assistive devices.  

To sum it all up, everyone who needs ambulatory support, or maybe needing some help to keep them from having accidental falls, or just something they can hold on to so they can move from one point to another, disability equipment are essential to have.

Many people nowadays are successfully and comfortably coping with their physical infirmities with the help of mobility aids. It makes it possible for them to put aside their disabilities or frailties so that it will not get in the way for them to lead normal and happy lives.  

Depending on the kind of physical infirmity you have, below are some of the most commonly used assistive devices. 


There is absolutely no reason to doubt that canes are among the most widely used assistive devices today.  They offer users who are challenged with their walking skills a huge amount of convenience in every step they make. 

The basic function of a walking cane is to transfer the weight of the lower body to go to the upper body part. This way balance can be achieved and anticipated accidental falls can be averted.  

Multiple types of walking canes are available for picking by those who need them. Every single one of them is distinct from all the others with respect to their intended usage. Like for instance, people afflicted with impaired vision are advised to take advantage of white canes. Aside from the color they usually come in, typically in white, another feature that makes them distinct from many others is that they are thinner and longer.  


This type of mobility aid is usually crafted out of metal. They are designed in such a way they will form a frame with either 2 or 4 legs, of course, this part will depend on the type. 

They offer convenience to people who happen to have limited ambulatory skills,  and at the same time also are not physically strong enough to hold or use a cane. Walker users lift the assistive device so they can put it ahead of them, and eventually take a single step so they will reach that distance.  

Additionally, there are other variants. Some come with wheels instead, which takes away the need for the user to lift them. Walkers equipped with wheels allow users to move about smoothly and seamlessly. This type of walker alongside a knee walker can come with a seat, which allows the user to take some breather or rest whenever they need to.  

Big part to consider when trying to choose mobility aids Melbourne products is the type of injury or disability that the person does have. For this reason, it is always best that you reach out to a medical professional to seek some relevant advice and guidance before making any purchase. 

Can You Install a Self Propelled Wheelchair Lift to Your Car?

When you are relegated to a self propelled wheelchairs, you need to get the utmost care possible when you need to travel and alight a vehicle. It is all because you don’t have the physical capability to get in or out of the car on your own that easily. 

Perhaps the best thing to do here is to try to lift you from your wheelchair to the car. But then again that is easier said than done. Doing so would require a lot of time, strategy and would be quite taxing to your helper’s muscles, too. It is such a relief to know that there are now ways to make it easier and as convenient as possible. An electrical self propelled wheelchair lift will help save the day for you.  

When it comes to wheelchair lifts, there are two types that can be found in the market. The first kind would be powered up by virtue of hydraulics, and the other kind would be powered by electricity. If you look at it, it is more practical to make use of an electrical type since you can have it wired to your vehicle’s battery. Hence, the majority of users choose it over the hydraulic type. Additionally, it can also help save you a few dollars down the road. 

With the hydraulic type of wheelchair lift, you’ll be needing some fluid. The inconvenient part here is that you need to keep an eye on it so you can refill it whenever the time comes that it is consumed already. Otherwise, it will stop functioning.  

Entrance and Exit System

They are usually available in specialty shops and stores. Aside from this, these establishments are most likely offering other models too such as the extended lift. 

So far, the extended lift type would be the easiest and the most convenient to use since what you need to do is just push a button and you’re on it. In no time, your wheelchair would be taken inside your car. If you need to exit your vehicle, it is also going to be the same process.

Exit systems for electric lift wheelchairs come in various types, too. Some models will allow you entry and exit from the direction of the lift, while others would come with different entrances. They’d be located usually at the center and as for the exits, they are often found on the sides. The entrances and exits that will be used most often would be depending upon the type of wheelchair that you have. 

Cost of Self Propelled Wheelchairs Lifts

disability mobile

Regardless of the type of wheelchair lift that you want to buy, they usually come at a hefty amount. So far, the cheapest one that we have come across to costs a little over $10,000. Unfortunately, the expense of this piece of equipment can’t be covered by an insurance firm or by Medicare. However, there is a good chance that you’d be able to obtain a discount from your vehicle manufacturer. In this case, you may need to reach to your local car dealer regarding that.  

Keep in mind that when you try to buy an electric wheelchair lift, it wouldn’t be as easy when you buy a model that you have just found in the store. You must see to it that the wheelchair lift model of your choice will fit your vehicle. For this, we highly recommend that you try to bring along with you a seasoned technician who will help you out by getting in charge of the measurements.

As a paying customer, you may just carry with you the measurements and provide them to the store representative and they can carry out the installation job if the wheelchair lift model of your choice would fit or not. 

Have patience, though, with this part because the installation process may take a while, a day or two at the minimum. And in case there are many others ahead of you, you may need to wait for your turn. Much like everything else, make it sure that before leaving the shop after your self propelled wheelchair lift is installed, see to it that everything about it is working and in good shape.