How to Improve Your Oral Health With Water Jet Cutting Machine Technology?

oral careDental health is a result of a series of actions taken routinely and persistently over a lifetime. And your oral hygiene practices have a crucial role in the present condition of your oral health. 

If you want to make a serious commitment to improving your oral health, which is not too late, we suggest that you take a moment to learn how the working technology behind the water jet cutting machine can be taken advantage of to wash-clean your teeth and gums.

This is a breakthrough in oral cleansing and is bound to put traditional string floss systems in the obsolete department, making it your new ally in your quest for improved dental health. Water flossing systems for the mouth are considered by dental care specialists as a significant achievement in oral care. 

Defining What a Water Flosser is All About

Some people would refer to water flossing as a water jet or a water pick, but expert professionals in the field of oral health coined it simply as “water flosser”. This term is probably more appropriate for use because it is based on the context of its application.

This oral washing device is equipped with its own motor and pump, creating a stream of pressured, pulsating water. This water comes from its tank/repository that flows out via a narrow mouthpiece.

Why Is It Beneficial to Use Waterjet Machine Flossing? 

Anyone who has had to deal with that never-ending string of dental floss and razors in the back of the mouth knows that flossing is difficult. If you haven’t tried it before, a water flosser is an easy and convenient alternative. 

The truth is, it doesn’t replace traditional string flossing, but waterjet machine flossers can perform a few other flossing tasks that traditional string flossing can not.

Below the gum line, acids and bacteria can take their hide. Compared to string flossing, a waterjet system’s stream of water is far more effective in getting beneath the gum line to clean those hard-to-reach areas. 

dental floss

Everyone can use a water flosser, but in some cases, it can be quite advantageous. Water jet teeth cleaning is a helpful addition to your overall oral care routine. It is especially useful for people with dental braces, extensive dental work, and even those who are afflicted by gum disease. 

If you happen to require specific dental treatment, you always need to discuss it with your trusted dentist or periodontist.

Wrapping Up!

Regular cleaning of your teeth is an essential component in ensuring you have good oral health.  To achieve this, you need to know the proper technique and couple that with the right toothbrush. 

Take your oral care practice a notch higher by adding water jet flossing to your routine. Wrap it up with a small amount of mouthwash. In the absence of a good mouthwash, you can also consider the use of a fluoride rinse. 

Make this a part of your daily oral hygiene routine if you want to avoid tooth decay and keep your natural teeth for life.

What Type of Modern Shower Stool Should You Look For?

Modern shower chairs are assistive bathing devices. The very design these product offerings come with helps ensure the safety and comfort of the user. These people usually have difficulty standing or are challenged to a certain degree to keep themselves still while showering. 

elderly person

If you happen to have a health condition that affects your lower body strength or puts your overall agility into compromise, it might get in your way of doing simple tasks like taking a shower. 

A modern shower stool may help here and provide the necessary additional stability. Thus, allowing them to enjoy taking a shower independently and completely take away the need for external assistance of any kind. 

Shower stools or shower seats may come in many different styles, depending on the amount of support provided. Options vary from freestanding stools or chairs built specifically for shower use down to wall-mounted benches or chairs. 

When Should You Consider Using a Shower Stool?

It does not necessarily follow that the infirmed or the senile community has the monopoly of the use of modern shower seats. These assistive bathing devices are manufactured not just for their exclusive use alone, but for anyone who may have a dire need for assistive bathing devices. 

Therefore, if you are someone who feels a little uneasy showering on your own, for whatever reason it may be, and think you’d benefit from some extra help while standing in the tub, an ergonomically designed shower seat may be taken advantage of instead.  

For individuals who are suffering from leg or back pain, a shower seat will help them sit and wash, sans putting on pressure on their legs or back. 


Classification of Shower Seats

Free Standing Type

Shower stools of this type are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport. In addition, this ease of mobility makes for easy storage, too, whenever they are not in use.

Choose to have this type of shower stool only under the following scenarios:

  • You require or need limited assistance support in the shower. 
  • You have no trouble sitting or rising from a seated position.
  • You have no problems with your equilibrium or no chronic issues with dizziness.

Free Standing Shower Chair

A modern shower stool of this type is lightweight. They also come with a backrest and ergonomically designed supportive armrests.

It is best to look for this type of shower chair if:

  • You have limited mobility and need a good amount of support/assistance whilst in the shower.
  • When you sit or stand, you need to access armrests for added support.
  • You need to hang on to an armrest whilst washing your feet or body. 
  • You easily get tired and need immediate short rest.

Wall Mounted Shower Seat

This sort of shower seat is mounted to a shower wall, and some designs you may come across can be folded up against it. Wall-mounted shower seats can come with or without supporting legs. Such additional leg support adds up to the level of security that users feel when they are using this type of assistive bathing device. 

You should consider using this type of shower chair under the following conditions:

  • Your shower stall or wet room has a limited amount of space.  
  • Your bathroom is not for your exclusive use but may be shared with other members of your household.  

Taking measurements

Of paramount importance when using a modern shower stool is that it should be at the correct height. 

The cardinal rule here is, when standing up, you need to measure yourself up from the back of your heel on the floor down to that crease that is right behind your knee. By this, you are assured to have the proper seat height.

Remember that you always need to have enough space to move and make yourself sit comfortably, with your knees nestled at a 90-degree angle or position with your feet laid flat on the floor.


How to Keep the Water in Your Swim Spa with Swim Spa Australia in Balance?

swimming pool

If you seriously want to extend the usable/functional life and appearance of your hot tub, the most important thing you must do is keep the pool water chemistry in good balance all the time. Why so? There is a good reason behind this. 

But before anything else, keep this in mind. Every single time you go into your equipment with a swim spa australia to unwind and relax, you are changing your pool equipment water-particularly its chemical balance. This is likely to set the stage for bacteria to develop, and when that happens it can affect your overall comfort.

Check the pH levels in the first step.

The most crucial part of balanced pool water chemistry in a hot tub is the pH. You can rebalance your water and save your hot tub from being ruined by calculating the pH.

Both high and low pH can have a damaging effect on your swim spa’s heating elements and even on the other internal workings of gas-fired heaters. Take a look at a few of the examples below.

High pH 

  • Enhances bacterial growth.
  • Resulting in cloudy water.
  • It reduces the effectiveness of your pool water filters.
  • Eye and skin irritation. 

Low pH

  •  Promotes bacterial growth
  • Promotes metal corrosion.
  • Irritates the eyes and skin
  • The plaster components get stained or etched.

You may use a simple and inexpensive pH test kit to determine the acidity or alkalinity of your hot tub’s water to ensure that it remains at a safe and stable pH range. At least twice a week, we suggest that you use test strips. You can also try to have a digital water tester to monitor your swim spa pH level. 

Take Care of Your Pool Water Alkalinity

Maintaining a pool water pH level balanced necessitates a high level of total alkalinity. Total alkalinity and pH are different from each other. They’re not one and the same thing.

outdoor pool

When measuring pH, it’s similar to taking a temperature with a thermometer. You can use it to determine if the water is too cold or too hot, much like a thermometer. When it comes to alkalinity and the thermometer, alkalinity relates to the capability to monitor and keep an eye on the temperature.

If the alkalinity is too low, it can pave the way for pH readings to fluctuate radically and this will work against your hot tub and keep it from stabilizing the water in the event of acid rain. This also explains the reason why hot tubs erode and encourage the growth of algae.

In order to keep such kinds of issues from taking place, alkalinity should be kept between 80 and 120 parts per million.

Managing Water Hardness

The amount of calcium in a swimming spa with Australian spa parts is also related to water hardness. Cloudy or foggy water is set to happen if the amount of calcium in your swimming spa pool water is way too high. Too little is also bad because it runs the risk of foam forming on the water surface.

Besides, it can also observe the formation of foam on the water’s surface or the eroding of metals.

There is a manifold of commercially available products that will help you maintain your pool water hardness to ideal levels. These over-the-counter items can help enhance the amount of calcium in your water to preserve or maintain its hardness. 

If your swim spa pool comes with an acrylic finish, calcium levels need to go anywhere between 100 and 250 ppm; if it comes with a plaster finish instead, calcium levels can go anywhere between 250 and 450 ppm.



Office Furniture Alexandria: Is White Your Color of Choice?

If you are a workplace manager, you should know that the workers perform best just when they are entirely comfortable. Picking the best workplace furnishings is vital to guarantee such. In any typical week, anyone will certainly invest more significantly than 8 hours, five days a week in your office, minimum.

In this problem, do you still assume that without comfy tables, desks, and chairs, your workers will love doing all the works? Well, no. They desire something brand-new as well as classy in the office to keep likelihood. You could include things like a white office work desk, relaxing chairs, some modern inside, and some organic elements.


White Office Furniture Alexandria Selection Tips

Select the Right Size

It takes place that you see a desk, and you like it promptly, yet the spin is that you cannot buy it. You need to assume carefully about your office’s format. Assume what would happen if you included that work desk. After that, there is no space for the employees to relocate freely. Take note that pounding with everyone as they pass along while doing your work is the most uneasy sensation. Therefore, think of your workplace format initially, then select the furnishings.

Value for Money

interior designWhen you are remodeling your office or making a new one, you might be running with a limited spending plan. It is quite regular to say yes to the least expensive furnishings that you encounter, but hold on, and assume the result if the cheap furnishings will certainly obtain teary and tired after a few months. Also, often the affordable furniture looks excellent yet does not have an appropriate ending up and coziness.

Right now, you cannot do everything but regret your choice. Also, as your staff members are not feeling comfortable, their job efficiency has reduced. In most cases, it likewise happens that because of the affordable price, the furnishings require extra solutions, and you wind up paying more for either solutions or brand-new furnishing.

Nonetheless, all these points do not mean that you pay more amount of money. You require to pick high-quality furnishings which is inexpensive as well as durable. In other words, you need to concentrate on worth for cash, not the most affordable cost.

Opt for Comfort

The furnishings may look great yet have inadequate comfort designs. Some desks are too expensive or too low, or a few of the workplace chairs might present pain in your neck, back, and back. Therefore, you should go for comfortably designed chairs which would not hurt. Ergonomic equipment can be great for you and your employees’ health and wellness, and performance.

Do not Forget Style

You should include some fashionable styles in your office furnishings. Seeing the same monotonous furnishings daily can boost boredom amongst your staff members. For this reason, some trendy structures in furnishings could do the work for you. Likewise, you could add some flowerpots in your workplace that not just use a classic look yet also make your and your workers’ mood up.

Final Words

Selecting appropriate furnishings for your workplace is not an easy job as you require to think about your workers. You and your staff members are being in the office for greater than 40 hours weekly. Hence, before you buy your preferred white office furniture Alexandria, you require to think about your spending plan, design and style, convenience, and a lot more points.

What Are Moulded Showers All About?

From the construction point of view, building a tiled shower from scratch is much more painstaking than moulded shower. Otherwise known as prefabricated shower stalls, they are often created/made off-site at a dedicated production facility. The assembly process of which is left to be done at your home.  

Custom building your tiled shower stall may take significant amounts of time to complete, from several days to a couple of weeks at the most. However, prefabricated shower stalls are much more advantageous to install in the sense that they can be done and will be fully set up within a few hours only. 


Interlocking Multi-Piece Units (DIY Friendly Option)

The multi-piece prefabricated shower stall is by far the easiest and the most sought-after type of moulded shower. This usually comes in several components that are either made from solid surfaces or acrylic. They interlock together to form a cohesive unit. 

Normally this package comes with a bathtub or a shower pan, a large back piece, 2 separate side pieces, and front doors (optional). Alternatively, you can opt to have the front left as is (open-type). A suitable shower curtain can be used as its covering instead.  

All Kit Only 

With the exception of the tub or the shower pan, everything that we have indicated above comes with wall kits.  

The key selling point for this type is that both the soap dishes and ledges are molded already, straight into the plastic. Therefore, eliminating the need to add these accessories. 

 Now, as for the back panel, it is also one single panel that offers no room for any kind of adjustment.   

Professional Installation Single Piece Unit

minimal bathroomPrefabricated showers that come as a single-piece unit are usually much more challenging to transport and install. This moulded shower’s main body is a single, molded piece.

Single-piece units are more advantageous in the sense that they offer only a limited amount of space where mold and mildew could grow on. Structurally, single-piece shower molds are often structurally more solid. Thus, they are often more durable and longer-lasting. 

You might chance upon some so-called single-piece units. However, they are not genuinely single-piece because their door comes as a separate unit. The reality of it is that these seemingly single-piece units are separate pieces. They have been expertly welded together back in a dedicated manufacturing facility.  


In the last 2 decades, people often looked at prefabricated moulded shower systems as a tacky alternative to the traditional approach of tiling a bath shower. 

But with the improvement of molding techniques and the advent of enhanced materials, leading brands in the prefabricated systems are slowly gaining their reach into higher-end homes. 

If you are a homemaker yourself, try to think out first the merits of prefabricated shower systems against tiled shower rooms.  


How to Go About Styling a House for Sale with a Winning Bathroom Style?

home stagingI have two reasons for you why styling a house for sale can’t go on the property market without a superbly staged bathroom space. The first one is, people are driven to make a purchase offer for your home-based upon how you make them feel about it. The second reason is the level of personal comfort found in a stranger’s core personal space is a delicate matter.  

Understanding why it is relevant, why it matters, always precedes any work that needs to get done. It gets you fired up; it gets you motivated. When you discern the value and importance of a properly staged bath area, you will find yourself directing your actions towards reaching that goal.

There will be areas and corners of your home that will need to get staged just right, and for this, I will include the bathroom area as among the most important. With respect to my years of experience in this business, this is one aspect that I will say is essentially important.  

Why Do People Tend to Make a Purchase Offer Based on How Your Home Evoke Feelings of Comfort and Relaxation? 

In my observation, they are naturally inclined to make a personal decision instead. It has something to do with money, location, and a handful of “hard facts”, all from a place of pure emotion. 

How they feel about your house becomes the stemming foundation of the rest of their decision. If styling a house for sale is not something you consider yourself very good at, you will have a hard time finding a potential buyer that will like it.

But it is such a relief to know that there are reputable professionals in this field that you can enlist the help and services for a fee. You can contact them to style your indoor space and make your bath areas presentable and look even more inviting.

If your home failed to stir-up welcomed emotions to a potential buyer, if they don’t feel relaxed there — if they can’t imagine how their lives and their families will be like in your house, trust that they won’t budge to take another step in their decision-making process. Your property will be crossed out just like that from their list.  

Comfort Level in the Personal Space of a Stranger

Most of the time, the potential property buyers you will come across are strangers. Hence, when they stand in your bathroom, it is important to see to it that they will have a bright, clean, and comfortable experience. 

living room

Most of us also would not make a big deal out of a wet bath mat or a dirty bathroom mirror. But in the bigger scheme of life, they are not a big deal. However, it is important to keep in mind that your buyer’s comfort is your ultimate goal here, at least for now, while your home is in the sale process.  

What you want to aim for is to give your potential buyers the respect and grace of seeing your home in the most relaxed way possible. This is one surefire way you can make them feel good. They will get this impression the moment they stepped into your doorway. 

Leave your bathroom area smelling so much like your damp towel, and they will head themselves away from there in a snap. 

Emotional touchpoints! 

This will help make your house sell fast. Like a hotcake, it will. 

Unless you understand that a properly staged indoor space is the cornerstones of a hot property, you will have a hard time seeing why staging your bath area is so important in creating an impact on your potential buyers.

Styling a house for sale may not be an easy task, however, you can begin with the basics first. 


Hospital Flooring: Preventing the Most Common Problems

Any architect who has checked a healthcare facility or healthcare center knows the importance of picking the appropriate floor covering and floor covering devices. A permeable floor covering surface area or mis-installed accessory can develop a hotbed for microorganisms, threatening people and medical professionals, and nurses who care for them.

Right here are among the most usual issues we have seen with floor covering in medical care centers and tips for resolving them.

Hospital Flooring Issues

Bacteria Under the Floor

Medical facilities are always cleaned up, yet that does not imply that all microorganisms can be prevented. Bacteria mainly flourish in places that are more complicated to reach, like joints and corners, and under the flooring if there is an area in between the visible flooring and the surface area beneath it.  Fix this dilemma by picking heavy-duty, non-porous floor covering.

Our leading two suggestions for medical facility floor covering are sheet vinyl as well as deluxe vinyl ceramic tile (LVT). Both materials are discolored resistant (vital for prospective spills of physical liquids and constant chemical cleanings), hold up against heavy traffic, and be exceptionally durable.

Proper installation is vital to prevent liquids from seeping underneath the flooring, developing an area for germs to grow.

Cove Base

Cove base provides a comparable collection of issues as the flooring itself – if installed poorly, liquids can seep behind it as well as bacteria could grow rampantly. Most health centers’ cove base is glued to the floor, then warmth bonded at the joint under. While this gives a grip, there are far better options.

hospital flooring

Transition Strips

Change strips present a different collection of issues as they could come to be a substantial journey hazard.

Changes are needed any place one kind of flooring transitions to an additional. Most of the time, this is no issue.

In healthcare facilities, however, you must stress over rolling IV posts, carts, wheelchairs, and a lot more that could obtain stuck on a thick change, along with clients of restricted mobility who might trip over one.

Rather, take into consideration t-caps. Most of the floor covering used in health centers, specifically LVT and sheet vinyl, are similar densities, which makes t-caps the ideal selection. They are the lowest account, making them risk-free for people to easily step over and creating a smooth surface area for mobility devices, rolling carts, and much more.

They are frequently less costly than change strips and could even last longer than them, dependent upon the account you choose.

Patient security and safety are of utmost importance and hospital flooring plays a major function in attaining this goal. By defining the right floor covering and accessories and ensuring they are set up correctly, you are helping hospitals accomplish this goal.

Office Furniture Parramatta: The Comparison Between Metal and Wood

The sturdiness and longevity of a piece of furniture rely on the top quality of materials used during the furniture making procedure. The strategy and means it has been made add much to the ended-up item. As a result, the track record of a specific maker, requirements, and item price variety mirror the top quality of furniture made.

Furniture is considered to be the foundation of an office. It offers both designs as well as a feature of the workplace. Commonly, when it pertains to workplace furniture, the importance has been continuously on the color and design of the furniture and its materials. Office furnishings come in a selection of products, but most furniture’s fundamental structure is based on timber and metal. Nowadays, the products themselves are ending up being more critical and an extra significant element for office space clients. That claimed the main options you can utilize for your workplace furnishings undertakings are wood and steel. Let us compare both.

Office Furniture Parramatta: Metal or Wood?

contemporary design

Metal Office Furniture

With the progress of the metallurgy area, steel office furniture, especially steel, has acquired a great deal of popularity. This is mainly due to the significant advantages of steel furniture: longevity and stamina. Given its adaptable production procedure, steel furnishings can be made into many shapes and types. This permits you to be much more imaginative with the format of your office. Steel furnishings overall is a useful and versatile option. Steel furniture could carry heavy objects like computer systems, documents, or books effortlessly. In case of damage, steel furnishings are simple to change or fix.

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages to steel furniture. To start with, it is usually difficult and heavy to move. Meaning, rearranging or delivering the table is a far more extreme action and costly one than one might initially think. Additionally, the price of the furniture and any going along with labor costs could go high. If they are, think about leasing.

Wood Office Furniture

Among the most common, wood furniture is the best selection for several organizations. Timber furnishings are frequently simpler to manufacture as well as cheaper to buy. Wood furniture typically can be tinted or formed easily, thus resulting in a great visual for the office. They additionally rival steel furnishings in the longevity and strength of the material. Moreover, timber workplace furnishings could sometimes be also denser than metal furnishings.

Bear in mind the sort of wood and even finish you are interested in. Weak timber like bitboards may require to be replaced often, racking up general expenses. Bit boards damage a lot more quickly than something like strong oak. Relying on your workplace style, a conventional timber aesthetic may be more enticing, or an extra contemporary metal look could function.

Things to Take into Consideration in Purchasing a Workplace Furniture

Comfort– one must pick something that can give simplicity while at the office. You can be more productive and useful if your initiatives and hard work are paid with comfort.

Strength– whether old or new, there are furnishings items that are longer lasting than others. It is a good idea to get things that are made of good quality. It is fair to spend even more when acquiring the item firsthand to avoid numerous replacements or furniture expenses.

Look– workplace furniture speaks on behalf of your whole company. Thus, you need to have that unique look. You can have this sort of environment by selecting items that are of a high standard like office furniture Parramatta. It will undoubtedly make an impression within your workplace.


What Do You Need to Look Out for When Buying Drilling Rigs for Sale in Australia?

drilling rigThere is a manifold of valid reasons why anyone would consider buying drilling rigs for sale in Australia. It could be that an enterprising company is venturing into a business and owning their first drill rig is a must. 

Or it could be that an established drilling company is planning to expand or would be putting up a satellite office or another branch. Sometimes a drilling firm also would be so interested in venturing to another line of drilling, such as geotechnical or geothermal drilling. Under such circumstances, upgrading their systems and the tools they’re using would be necessary.  

All the scenarios we described above will be requiring a different kind of rig. Besides, each situation would also call for a different selection process. For example, when trying to upgrade your fleet so you can keep abreast with what is the latest technology in drilling, you should be looking for bells and whistles. You may need to look for brand new drilling rigs for sale in Australia.

As of this writing, the drilling rig market is saturated with many options. It is teeming with a new generation of rigs. Hence, if you are going to shop for some yourself, anticipate that you might be bargaining for more than what you expected. 

Most of the time it is a good and profitable idea to upgrade your arsenal of drilling equipment. However, it is important to know that there are also exceptions to this. Over the years, I have witnessed how some cable tool drillers would be looking in great awe at the rotary guys. What they will usually do is blow holes in the ground with such astounding rates, only to retreat themselves eventually to the “dark side” just to wrap up their work. Granting that rotary type of drilling renders faster work, but there is no valid reason for us to deny the fact that cable tool drilling has been here with us for such a long time now and a good reason.  

If you should ever decide to buy drilling rigs for sale in Australia, you should bear this one in mind. Its cost is more likely to be pretty much the same when you buy instead of a fairly brand new rig or acquire something inexpensive that requires some refurbishing work first before it can be let out. Either way, you will have to pay, right? 

If your shop is good and pretty handy, a second-hand rig that requires some work first is likely to become a real bargain. You have the full liberty to rig it up just like the way you’d like it, under those conditions you will be using it in. However, it may require a significant amount of time and money. 

Should you need to get yourself in the field as soon as possible, provided that you have got the right deal also, a second-hand drill rig could just be the ticket you are looking for.  

When it comes to buying second-hand rigs, one important factor that we tend to overlook is why would the seller want to sell it in the first place? This could create a significant impact on the tag price. It could be that the seller decided to implement some changes to his business, needless to say, that he now needs something different. 

One of the best places to find a rig for sale is coming across a driller who acquired their drill equipment for exclusive use on a project that has just wrapped up. The odds are high that he would be writing off most of the cost.

When trying to shop for a drill rig, we highly recommend that you make a checklist for this purpose. Whether you are buying a drill rig for yourself or some other party, it will be of substantial help to you. It can be observed that people are easily bogged down when they encounter a minor flaw, this renders them to overlook other more important things.

Besides, we tend to easily get taken by just one feature that you seriously want and deliberately miss out on other aspects or parts that may affect the bottom line.  


What’s the Real Score with Self-Cleaning Pool Spa with Australian Spa Parts?

If you are among the countless number of people who love to take a relaxing dip in a pool spa with Australian spa parts after a day’s grind, we want you to brace yourself now for another surprise.

Self-cleaning swim spas are out now in the market.

If you have been checking out what available options  pool spa market can offer you these days, the odds that you might have heard something about this offering before or coming across one is high. But unfortunately, there are instances that your dealer is not so effective in helping you see and understand how this kind of system works.

Australia spa parts

This kind of technology has never been heard of before in the world of pool spas. It is the kind of innovation that will define what modern swim spa should be like. So what is this so-called self-cleaning technology?

At the very core, this type of swim spa is built and integrated with self-cleaning technology. Some offerings that you will find nowadays are built and have perfected their array of offered functionality and usability features, most of which are solely dedicated to carrying out advanced sanitation and filtration processes.

You may want to check out the following features when shopping for a pool spa with Australian spa parts.

Hydro-Clean Filtration Jets

This type of water jet system is in high demand today, particularly in the pool spa industry, because of its unique optimized surface filtration system. The basic layout and design elements of a standard swim spa, in conjunction with a strategically-placed waterjet system, create for it an environment conducive to the continuous flowing of water.

By that, random floating debris in the water itself is directed towards where the high-flow skimmer is. And that happening enhances the level of efficiency of the pool spa’s self-cleaning system.

 Pre-Filter and High-Flow Skimmer

What is the basic function of the high-flow skimmer? Its main job is to clean and clear out the surface of the water and carry out this kind of work by eliminating floating oil and debris.

This mechanism works to the advantage of the heater and the pump because it keeps them from getting clogged. Effective overall filtration work is also improved by moving debris into the direction of the pre-filter system, which ultimately extends the cleaning cycles of the micro-filter.

HydroClean Floor Vacuum

How does a swim spa floor system integrate with a powerful vacuum functionality sound like? Much more like something out of a sci-fi movie, right? But it is not. The real deal is now here and part of our reality.

This type of vacuum system works by cleaning across the pool spa floor so that heavier debris that inevitably falls to the bottom can get cleared in no time. This functionality will make you forget how it feels like to have dirt and debris running down on your feet while you swim.

Pressurized Micro-Filtration

This is one type of filtration system where water containing debris and dirt is made to flow through. Its main work is to gather and capture randomly floating debris and dirt, so you can always enjoy crystal-clear water in your pool spa.

This system is safe, odorless, and out of reach by those using the pool. And yet, your pool technician can have easy access to it when necessary.

These features coming together now paves the way for a highly-advanced, self-cleaning system for a pool spa. This type of system will complete a full round of filtering your swim spa water in 15 minutes, assuring you that you have safe and clean water all the time.