What Do You Need to Look Out for When Buying Drilling Rigs for Sale in Australia?

drilling rigThere is a manifold of valid reasons why anyone would consider buying drilling rigs for sale in Australia. It could be that an enterprising company is venturing into a business and owning their first drill rig is a must. 

Or it could be that an established drilling company is planning to expand or would be putting up a satellite office or another branch. Sometimes a drilling firm also would be so interested in venturing to another line of drilling, such as geotechnical or geothermal drilling. Under such circumstances, upgrading their systems and the tools they’re using would be necessary.  

All the scenarios we described above will be requiring a different kind of rig. Besides, each situation would also call for a different selection process. For example, when trying to upgrade your fleet so you can keep abreast with what is the latest technology in drilling, you should be looking for bells and whistles. You may need to look for brand new drilling rigs for sale in Australia.

As of this writing, the drilling rig market is saturated with many options. It is teeming with a new generation of rigs. Hence, if you are going to shop for some yourself, anticipate that you might be bargaining for more than what you expected. 

Most of the time it is a good and profitable idea to upgrade your arsenal of drilling equipment. However, it is important to know that there are also exceptions to this. Over the years, I have witnessed how some cable tool drillers would be looking in great awe at the rotary guys. What they will usually do is blow holes in the ground with such astounding rates, only to retreat themselves eventually to the “dark side” just to wrap up their work. Granting that rotary type of drilling renders faster work, but there is no valid reason for us to deny the fact that cable tool drilling has been here with us for such a long time now and a good reason.  

If you should ever decide to buy drilling rigs for sale in Australia, you should bear this one in mind. Its cost is more likely to be pretty much the same when you buy instead of a fairly brand new rig or acquire something inexpensive that requires some refurbishing work first before it can be let out. Either way, you will have to pay, right? 

If your shop is good and pretty handy, a second-hand rig that requires some work first is likely to become a real bargain. You have the full liberty to rig it up just like the way you’d like it, under those conditions you will be using it in. However, it may require a significant amount of time and money. 

Should you need to get yourself in the field as soon as possible, provided that you have got the right deal also, a second-hand drill rig could just be the ticket you are looking for.  

When it comes to buying second-hand rigs, one important factor that we tend to overlook is why would the seller want to sell it in the first place? This could create a significant impact on the tag price. It could be that the seller decided to implement some changes to his business, needless to say, that he now needs something different. 

One of the best places to find a rig for sale is coming across a driller who acquired their drill equipment for exclusive use on a project that has just wrapped up. The odds are high that he would be writing off most of the cost.

When trying to shop for a drill rig, we highly recommend that you make a checklist for this purpose. Whether you are buying a drill rig for yourself or some other party, it will be of substantial help to you. It can be observed that people are easily bogged down when they encounter a minor flaw, this renders them to overlook other more important things.

Besides, we tend to easily get taken by just one feature that you seriously want and deliberately miss out on other aspects or parts that may affect the bottom line.  


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