Flood Light Versus Spotlight: Which One is For You?

Floodlights and spotlights are often compared with one another and people want to know which one is the better choice. Basically, these are two types of lighting patterns. The term “pattern” here refers to how light is being projected.

Spotlights cast their narrow beam of light not wider than 45 degrees. The beam is concentrated, making it easier to control and point. This makes it a strong source of light that also produces a cone of light.

On the other hand, floodlights can spread their beam for up to 120 degrees. This could light up a bigger amount of space with the same lumen and wattage output as a spotlight.

However, spotlights are much smaller in terms of appearance as compared to floodlights. Additionally, they appear brighter than floodlights, with the same wattage bulbs as they can produce more concentrated beams.

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Comparing Flood Light and Spotlight

Spotlight Scene

Spotlights are often designed to highlight specific points or areas, like to display wall artwork, objects, architectural details, and landscape features in one direction. In case you need to see far down the path ahead, then using a spotlight would project a narrow and longer beam of illumination.

Essentially, we can usually see such type of light in theaters, gardens, rescue vehicles, garage doors, as well as other applications where there is a need for focused light.

Art Exhibitions and Museums

The different applications for a spotlight can be seen almost everywhere. In art exhibitions and museums, given that there is a proper spotlight, any displayed object and other special details could be highlighted a lot clearly.

Municipal and Police Vehicles

Maybe one of the most popular applications for spotlights would be on municipal and police vehicles. Such cruisers usually have a strong need to provide illumination to a specific narrow area at long distances to help others in the given distance see locations and individuals in time.

Floodlights scene

With a flood beam, you would be able to see a much wider area and at a closer distance. Thus, illuminating larger spaces like warehouses, driveways, parking lots, and other areas that need wide and light coverage, a flood light could be the best choice, as it could cover many surface areas. For this reason, such a type of light could also serve as a type of security light.

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Slow-Moving Vehicles

Floodlights are among the most useful across a very wide range of applications. You may find them on slow-moving vehicles or those that are often performing various tasks at night, such as street-sweeping, roadwork, harvesting, and others.

Special Tasks

Floodlights could also be used in many other special tasks. For instance, they can be of great help in vehicles to move along through fog. At the same time, they could be utilized to illuminate the underwater areas and are common on boats for general night use and rescue operations.

Basically, spotlights can illuminate specific areas, and floodlights, on the other hand, work best to illuminate bigger areas. So, depending on your need, you can choose among these two exceptional types of lighting.

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